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Tsingshan Holding Group was founded in the 1980s. Its main businesses focus on foreign investment, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, import and export business, etc. The Group produces stainless steel ingots, steel rods, plates, wires, seamless pipes, etc. which are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electricity, automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, food, pharmaceutical and decoration fields.

The Group has established four major production bases on nickel-chromium alloy smelting, stainless steel smelting and steel rolling production in Indonesia, Fu’an (Fujian Province), Lishui (Zhejiang Province) and Yangjiang (Guangdong Province), which formed a complete industrial chain from raw materials mining, nickel-chromium iron smelting, stainless steel smelting, to bar and wire processing, steel pipe manufacturing, refined wire processing, transportation logistics, commodity trading, international trade, etc.


The Group has produced more than 9 million tons of crude stainless-steel in 2018, with revenue of over 200 billion RMB and 56,000 employees. It has ranked among Top 500 of China's Private Enterprises in 2002, and Top 500 of China's Enterprises in 2010.

By making continuous progress, the Group has ranked 110th of China's Top 500 Enterprises, 40th of China's Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, 5th of Zhejiang's Top 100 Enterprises, and 3rd of Zhejiang's Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in 2018. It has been honored with the first batch of China's New Benchmarking Green Enterprises and among Top 100 of China's Private Enterprises' Credit. "Tsingshan" is a well-known trademark in China.

The Group has been committed to creating high-quality, environmental-friendly and low-cost stainless-steel products to meet the needs of the people for a safer and more convenient life. With the vision of people-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win, the Group is willing to build a common career platform with friends from all over the world to realize their ideals and make contributions to the society.

Tsingshan’s mission is to produce life-long stainless steel and to create a sustainable future.

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